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Multi-Room Audio (Whole House Audio) will let you enjoy music throughout your home and in your outdoor entertainment areas.  Speakers are generally flush mounted in the ceiling but can also be flush mounted in the wall, placed on a book shelf, or many other styles.  Outdoor speakers are often surface mounted "box" style speakers, but could also be flush mount ceiling speakers in a patio, or outdoor speakers that look like a rock or planter, or other styles. Landscape speakers are also popular; utilizing several small speakers (similar in appearance to landscape lighting) to provide a more even sound and also blend into the surrounding.  Control for your house music is generally achieved through an in-wall keypad, your phone, or an iPad.  Simpler systems might utilize only rotary style volume controls.  More elaborate systems may utilize in-wall, or hand held touch screens.  Many systems today are controllable through apps available for your phone, iPad, or Android tablet.  Houses can be wired for multi-room audio when they are being constructed, but if they are not you can still add multi-room audio to your home.  There are systems available to accommodate post construction installation of multi-room audio.  Any audio source can be distributed to enjoy throughout your home.  Some examples are: Pandora, Spotify, other streaming music, iPod, CD player, FM radio, XM radio, Sirius Radio, Cable music, MP3 players, Music servers, etc.  All of your sources and amplifier equipment can be centrally located.  Each system can be customized to meet your needs.


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