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You may be asking "Why should I add lighting control to my home?"  There are many answers to that question. 

One advantage is the ability to turn off or on multiple lights with a single press.  You could have a button labeled "Welcome" to press when you walk in the door that lights the main pathways in the house.  You could have a button labeled "Good Night" that turns off all the lights, or maybe it will leave the hallway light on at only 15%.  You could have a button for "Entertain", "Away", "Watch TV",  "Dinner Party"; the possibilities go on and on.

Also, lighting control gives you the ability to set different moods by controlling which lights come on and at what percentage.  The same lights can create an entirely different scene for a button labeled "Good Morning" vs. a button labeled "Dinner".  By strategically turning on or off lights, or dimming lights to different levels, you can drastically change the feel of a room.

A valuable feature of lighting control is the ability to set timers for lights.  Timers can be based off of the internal clock of the lighting control system, such as on at 8AM, off at 10PM.  Or, lights can be turned on and off automatically based on events such as: on at one hour before dusk, off at one hour after dawn. 

Light control can also be connected to motion sensors, allowing lights to automatically come on when you walk into a room or lights to go off, or dim, in unoccupied rooms.

Another advantage of lighting control is energy savings.  Lights can be dimmed to save energy.  You can set lights to come on at only 75%, or any level you like.  Light timers and motion sensors create ways to save energy by turning lights off when they are not needed.

Lighting control can be used in the entire house, just one section of the house, or only in a single room.  The lighting control systems we use are expandable, so you can start with only one or two rooms, and then add more rooms later.  You can also have a remote control for your television that will communicate with the lighting control system, giving you the capability to adjust the lights without having to leave the couch.  You can also control your lights from an app on your phone, iPad, Android tablet, or computer.

This is only an overview of how lighting control can be used in your home.  Please call us to find out more.


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