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Home Theater can mean many different things to different people.  At Clemons Home Technology we can design and install a home theater that is right for you.  We have the products available to create a home theater to fit many different budgets.  A economical home theater may be as simple as a flat screen television and a surround sound system.  For a more "movie theater" like experience, a projector and projection screen can be used.  Sound is also an important part of the "theater" experience.  Most home theaters use 5 or 7 speakers plus 1 or 2 subwoofers.  Speakers can be flush mounted in the wall or ceiling, freestanding "box" style, mounted on the wall, or inside cabinetry or furniture.  Subwoofers are an essential part of creating the "movie theater" experience at home.  Most home theaters utilize one subwoofer, but a second (or even more) can be added to give more even, dynamic low end sounds.  Beyond the obvious audio and video, there are other things to consider for enhancing your home theater.  A home theater that is difficult to use can be frustrating.  At Clemons Home Technology, we offer a variety of remote controls and touch screens to simplify operation of your home theater.  We know that for your home theater to be enjoyable, it must be easy to use.  We can program a remote that automates the process for you, turning on several devices and selecting proper inputs with one button press.  Without an automated remote, the process might go something like this: pick up the projector remote, press on, pick up the audio receiver remote, press on, pick up the Bluray remote, press on, pick up the projector remote, press input, scroll to HDMI input, pick up the receiver remote, press DVD input, pick up the Bluray remote, press play, and then hope the movie plays.  With an automated remote, the process could go like this:  pick up your one and only remote, press watch Bluray, sit back and enjoy the movie.  Lighting control is another nice feature to add to a home theater.  With lighting control you can turn lights on or off or dim them using your handheld remote control.  Theater seating can also enhance the experience and comfort of your home theater.  Of course, the decor of your home theater can be tailored to reflect your own personal style.  The equipment for your home theater is usually hidden in a nearby closet, nearby room, or in cabinetry.  Each home theater we install is custom designed, so that you can enjoy a room that is built with you in mind.


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